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MAYDAY: Democracy needs an upgrade. Act now.

MAYDAY exploded past $3 million in funding this morning, raising hundreds of thousands practically overnight. It’s good to see people caring and pledging.

Considering that the amazing Reading Rainbow Kickstarter raised almost a million dollars in its last couple of days, I think it’s just possible that MAYDAY could make its $5 million goal by the end of the campaign on 7/4.

It’d be a fine thing to bring this kind of direct statement to bear on the elites who effectively own the American government, if for no one else than American children. Pledge to MAYDAY, and keep your money if the goal’s not met. Take a shot toward fixing the American government.

Check out the videos on the site, read all about it, and make a statement about the future of American politics.

"Taurus" by Spirit, which preceded Zep’s "Stairway to Heaven". Evidently there’s been some legal activity about similarities between the two songs. Thing is that at that time, what we’d now call remixing was extremely common. At any rate, this is a sweet little bit of sound. Enjoy.

Vast and lonely is the ocean, and even as all things came from it, so shall they return thereto. In the shrouded depths of time none shall reign upon the earth, nor shall any motion be, save in the eternal waters. And these shall beat on dark shores in thunderous foam, though none shall remain in that dying world to watch the cold light of the enfeebled moon playing on the swirling tides and coarse-grained sand. On the deep’s margin shall rest only a stagnant foam, gathering about the shells and bones of perished shapes that dwelt within the waters. Silent, flabby things will toss and roll along empty shores, their sluggish life extinct. Then all shall be dark, for at last even the white moon on the distant waves shall wink out. Nothing shall be left, neither above nor below the sombre waters. And until that last millennium, as after it, the sea will thunder and toss throughout the dismal night.
H. P. Lovecraft, “The Night Ocean”.
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